Empower.me Joins Allowance with Educational Videos

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How many of you received an allowance as a teenager? And how much was it? Did you put it to good use and learn the kind of financial responsibility your parents wished for you to learn? A new startup called Continue reading

The Only Video You’ll Need to Understand Gravity


Jon Bergmann, one of the original pioneers of the flipped classroom, has offered his talents in a new TED-Ed video that explores the concept of gravity. It’s amazing how obviously accessible this video is to students of any age group, Continue reading

Favorite TED-Ed Videos

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Who remembers the Schoolhouse Rock videos? When I was in third grade, our teacher showed us the multiplication series to learn our times tables. We lived for the days she showed us those videos because they were fun to watch. They Continue reading

TED-Ed Allows Teachers to Customize Learning Content Around TED Videos


The last time we talked about TED-Ed here at Technapex, they had just launched their YouTube channel so curated TED videos would be freely accessible to YouTube’s large audience. Yesterday, TED-Ed announced their  new website, ed.ted.com, where teachers can better Continue reading