“There’s a Market Failure Going On:” Salman Khan on the Failings and Future of Education

Salman Khan

Salman Khan recently spoke with The Stanford Daily about his thoughts on the trials facing the current higher educational system and its potentially bright future. The two part interview (the first part was published last week, the final part appeared Continue reading

Professor Keith Devlin on Teaching His First MOOC


Professor Keith Devlin is a Stanford University mathematics professor who recently finished teaching his very first MOOC, or massively open online course. For those who have been living under a rock, a MOOC is course that anyone with an internet Continue reading

Inside Adrian Sannier’s Talk: “Education Scale: The Rise of the Rock Star Teacher”


On Tuesday night, Stanford University’s School of Education hosted a public forum where Adrian Sannier gave the talk “Education Scale: The Rise of the Rock Star Teacher” as part of the school’s new initiative, Education’s Digital Future. I was fortunate Continue reading