College Offers Major in Social Media


Social media has made its way into the classroom, illicitly at first, but more and more with teachers’ approval. But it has received its biggest endorsement yet at Newberry College in South Carolina, where starting next year, students can major Continue reading

Social Media a Factor in College Admissions


Making your Facebook profile private isn’t a sure way to hide your darkest secrets from the public eye anymore. College applicants have learned this the hard way in recent years. As more and more high school students record their lives Continue reading

Social Network for Academics Gets Makeover


A social network may take over the role traditionally reserved for peer-reviewed journals of allowing researchers to easily share their work — but first it had to undergo a profile makeover. Since its launch in 2008,, the Facebook of Continue reading

A Facebook Connection With the Admissions Office


Social media is useful for stalking people, but high school students have found something even better to stalk: prospective colleges. Two-thirds of the 7,000 high school students interviewed in a recent survey cialis coupon card reported using social media to Continue reading

Business 101: Tweeting for a Profit


The ability to disseminate information through Facebook and Twitter was once considered an annoying trait of the younger generation. Now, it’s a sought-after job skill. But even though most recent college graduates have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, or Continue reading

EduTech Founder Story: Piazza


Oftentimes entrepreneurs decide to start a company because they want to create a solution to a problem they witnessed in their own personal life. For example, Square, the payment service that allows anybody to accept credit card payments, was born Continue reading