Tweetables: Weekly Edtech News Fit to Tweet


Technapex presents “Tweetables,” our roundup of the week’s top  #edtech articles that are good enough to tweet. Follow us on Twitter: @Technapex TED Teams Up with PBS on Ideas for Education @TEDTalks partners with @PBS to broadcast iconic TED talks on Continue reading

New York City Considered EdTech Hotspot


It’s no secret that the Bay Including canadian pharmacy healthcare Immediate generic viagra online Back Like effects grapefruit juice cialis Is viagra Area is a hotspot for tech and edtech startups, but the East Coast is now making Continue reading

“Learn Now, Lecture Later” Model Emerges

Teacher 1

As a teacher I always felt like I was a lousy lecturer, and thus I tried to limit lecture time in class at all costs. Perhaps my opinion is a bit biased, seeing as I’m generally my harshest critic when Continue reading

Favorite TED-Ed Videos

Ted Ed

Who remembers the Schoolhouse Rock videos? When I was in third grade, our teacher showed us the multiplication series to learn our times tables. We lived for the days she showed us those videos because they were fun to watch. They Continue reading

Inkling: Rethinking the Traditional Textbook


I’ve always found textbook reading to be a dreadful bore. I believe this is one of the reasons I became an English major in college. But even as an English major, I was still assigned reading that I found to Continue reading

Using Smarterer to Hone and Display Your Skills


Smarterer is a crowdsourced test platform that scores individuals on digital, social and technical skills. It is part of Rethink Educations investment portfolio, and aims to offer users an innovative way to present an online image of their skills and expertise. Continue reading

Engrade Brings Classroom Management Online


Remember high school? Do you remember ever using the excuse “I didn’t know what the assignment was!” all the time? (I do. I really do.) Remember how bogus it always sounded? Well now, any student in a classroom using the Continue reading

Rethink Education’s Bright Future: Investment Backing Provides Boost


Rethink Education from White Plains, NT is an investment fund devoted to education solutions. Rick Segal is CEO of Seavest Inc, a private investment firm focused on real estate and private equity. Rethink Education caught the man’s eye enough to Continue reading