Why Grade Students on Test Scores When You Can Grade Them on Klout Scores?


It appears that teachers are using all kinds of alternative grading methods these days. Yesterday on Technapex we talked about teachers who award badges instead of grades, and today we’re sharing the story of a professor who doesn’t base his Continue reading

Debating Student Evaluations of Teachers


Teacher assessments are a hot button issue. We recently wrote about the Chicago teacher strike where one of the main points of contention revolved around teacher evaluations.  Recently on the New York Times’ Room for Debate, they wrote about student evaluations Continue reading

[INFOGRAPHIC] Our Future Demands STEM

STEM careers

As a student at Cal, it feels like every other person I meet is majoring in something related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). So when I came across this infographic created by Microsoft, I was very surprised at Continue reading

Professor Ratings Sites Assist Higher Education Experiences

Professor Ratings

We all know the story about grades – student takes class, student studies and completes assignments (hopefully), student gets a grade from the instructor – but what if we put that story in reverse? That’s exactly what college ratings sites Continue reading