Tweetables: Weekly News That’s Good Enough to Tweet


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Advice from an Entreprenuer to Students: Don’t Drop Out of College

Christian Yang

A twenty-something Silicon Valley entrepreneur has offered some words of wisdom to young, aspiring entrepreneurs: don’t drop out of school to pursue your startup. The startup can wait until after you graduate. Christian Yang, Stanford graduate and co-founder of Y Combinator Continue reading

Oyster, the Spotify of Books, Raises $3 Million


There’s been much debate over textbooks recently — should we throw out all traditional textbooks in favor of digital? — and it appears the pendulum is swinging once again towards digital. New York City-based startup Oyster is on a mission Continue reading

The Worth of College: Peter Thiel’s $100,000 Idea


Billionaire Peter Thiel wants to give you $100,000. On a few conditions. The value of higher education is being debated with renewed vigor as Americans continue to withstand a sluggish economy and unemployment. Entrepeneur, venture capitalist and hedge fund manager Continue reading