OpenStax Is Making Quality Textbooks for Students, and They’re Not Charging a Cent


In the textbook publishing world, the adoption cycle works as follows: big textbook companies try to convince professors to adopt their textbooks for the courses they teach. Once adopted, students must purchase said textbooks, which cost, on average, around Continue reading

EdX Opens Up Online Learning Platform, Releases Source Code

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 10.50.10 AM

Forget March Madnees — it’s MOOC Madness in the world of education; it seems like every day there is breaking news about online open courses or commentary from professors and policy makers weighing in on legislation around MOOCs. Some of Continue reading

Not Just Another Online Class: Harvard and MIT at Your Fingertips


Well, this is impressive. Harvard and the Massachusets Institute of Technology have joined forces and are offering free online courses in a variety of subjects. It’s a nonprofit partnership known as EdX, announced earlier this month. Hearing about upcoming courses Continue reading