U.K. Rivals American MOOCs with FutureLearn


As online education takes off in the United States, universities across the pond are taking notice. Eleven of the United Kingdom’s top universities have signed on to join the Open University, adding their names to the growing list of prestigious Continue reading

Do Online Degrees Really Lead to Jobs?

Online or internet education

Everything about online classes has been questioned: will students take them? are they as effective as regular classes? will they increase cheating? Now, with a 7.8 percent unemployment rate, the question is, will they get you a job? Although online Continue reading

Buying Your Way to an Online Degree


The proliferation of online education has numerous benefits, all of which have been fiercely debated in the last couple of years as one university after another jumps on the bandwagon. But less talked about is the new business that thrives Continue reading

Who is the Top Dog in Online Education?

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More higher ed institutions are offering online education options. The Huffington Post recently noted that four of the country’s largest education schools operate primarily online. While some are still skeptical that online degrees pack the same value, there is no Continue reading

Education Startups to Watch


If you keep up with certain blogs – like, for instance, this one – you’re well aware that technology and education are coming together on a frequent basis, redefining the learning process by providing new media for both educators and Continue reading