New Study Seeks Data on Mobile Devices for Learning


The market research and consulting firm Grunwald Associates LLC will conduct a study to examine the impact of mobile devices for educational purposes. The study will “examine student uses, parent perceptions and family requirements for mobile learning platforms.” The study Continue reading

Squares of Learning: Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Those are great words!

QR codes are barcode-esque squares (like this one) that are intended to be scanned with a mobile device camera. Back before they developed the popularity they now currently enjoy, there was something mysterious and intriguing about them. If you saw Continue reading

BYOD: Wave of the Future or Disaster Waiting to Happen?


Flashback: Five years ago. You’re a high school student in your last class of the day. You whip out your cell phone and attempt to surreptitiously text your friend under your desk  to confirm your after-school Jamba Juice trip. You’re Continue reading