Minerva Project’s Non-Profit Mission: Make Quality Higher Education Affordable


The Minerva Project, the online university that hopes to rival the Ivy League as a top-tier school, today announced they have created a non-profit arm in order to make tuition affordable and to recruit top-tier professors. The company, who announced Continue reading

Course Hero Here to Save the Day

Course Hero

What did I tell you about flipping the university? The Minerva Project is not the only startup taking the college experience entirely online. Course Hero is creating a business out of curating already available YouTube videos into teacher-approved business and Continue reading

Flipping the University

Minerva Project

What’s got big-time VC Benchmark Capital dropping their biggest seed investment to date? Minerva University.  You may not have heard of it yet, but it’s possible Minerva will be a household name by 2050. Minerva isn’t out to just flip Continue reading