SXSWedu Kicks Off Today


Today marks the first day of SXSWedu in Austin, and although we can’t be at the conference this year, we’re thrilled to hear about all the latest news and announcements coming out of the education conference that brings together teachers, Continue reading

McGraw-Hill Education Launches Suite of Adaptive Learning Products


Adding to the success of its LearnSmart program, McGraw-Hill Education announced Tuesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show the creation of an array of adaptive learning tools for college students. The products — which together with LearnSmart, compose the LearnSmart Continue reading

New York City Considered EdTech Hotspot


It’s no secret that the Bay Including canadian pharmacy healthcare Immediate generic viagra online Back Like effects grapefruit juice cialis Is viagra Area is a hotspot for tech and edtech startups, but the East Coast is now making Continue reading

Digital Tutor LearnSmart Surpasses One Million Users


LearnSmart, an adaptive learning program that brings a personalized digital tutor to the phones and computers of college students, has surpassed one million users, making it one of the most widely-used such programs in higher education. The program, which students Continue reading

Do School Administrators Behave Like Apple Fanboys?

Oatmeal Apple Users

“One of the things that is so rewarding and so amazing to us is how quickly iPad has been embraced in education. Administrators, teachers and students have found iPad to be an incredible learning tool.” So said Apple CEO Tim Continue reading

McGraw-Hill and Dragonfly Sign Agreement for English-Learning e-Books


Given the popularity of PSY’s Gangnam Style in the U.S. I find it surprising that McGraw-Hill Education hasn’t gone the other way around and signed a deal to develop interactive e-books to teach Korean to Americans. The beautiful thing about Continue reading

McGraw-Hill Education Acquires Leading Mathematics Teaching Software


Key Curriculum, a privately held developer of mathematics learning technology was acquired by McGraw-Hill Education yesterday. Key Curriculum provides math learning software for K-12 educators and is the developer of Sketchpad, a geometry software program popular with teachers who use Continue reading