Instructional Video Platform for Spanish Speakers, TareasPlus, Launches New Educational Exchange

TareasPlus image

How long does it take a student to learn how to multiply fractions, solve quadratic equations or balance chemical reactions? Well, that varies from student to student, and while it may take one student 10 minutes to master a Die Continue reading

StraightAce: A Mobile App To Help Math Students Stay Ahead


With American students falling increasingly behind in their mathematical proficiency, teachers and parents are turning to the power of games to help turn the trend around. Benesse, a Japanese education giant, has joined the cause with the introduction of StraightAce, Continue reading

Professor Keith Devlin on Teaching His First MOOC


Professor Keith Devlin is a Stanford University mathematics professor who recently finished teaching his very first MOOC, or massively open online course. For those who have been living under a rock, a MOOC is course that anyone with an internet Continue reading

Math A Pain To Anxious Students — Literally


I used to be fairly convinced that doing math made me ill. cialis dosage mayo clinic – cialis once a day uk – viagra of kamagra – where to buy cialis – viagra without a prescription Of course, long division Continue reading

Biola’s Matthew Weathers Knows How to Get Your Attention


The Biola University Chimes posted a feature on mathematics Professor Matthew Weathers, in which the author wrote he is “a professor that brightens your day during class by bringing color to an often not-too-interesting subject.” When introducing new lessons, Weathers Continue reading

[INFOGRAPHIC] Our Future Demands STEM

STEM careers

As a student at Cal, it feels like every other person I meet is majoring in something related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). So when I came across this infographic created by Microsoft, I was very surprised at Continue reading