StraightAce: A Mobile App To Help Math Students Stay Ahead


With American students falling increasingly behind in their mathematical proficiency, teachers and parents are turning to the power of games to help turn the trend around. Benesse, a Japanese education giant, has joined the cause with the introduction of StraightAce, Continue reading

Tricking Kids to Learn Math: HyperBlast 2 on the iPad


I played the original Math Blaster Plus! in the early 90s. It included a number of mini games, all taking place in space or on other planets. Your adventure progressed with correct math answers, which is of course the purpose Continue reading

Motion Math’s Jacob Klein Fuses Learning with Fun


Motion Math is a company that wants to challenge the very idea of math anxiety, replacing fear with fun. The suite of kid-friendly math game apps is designed to boost a player’s confidence in learning basic math skills. Last week, Continue reading