Guest Post: Meritful Aims to Help Students Polish Their Online Images

Screen Shot meritful

Today’s guest post is by Jennifer Funk, a former teacher who couldn’t leave the classroom behind when she became a freelance writer. Now, she writes about education news, trends and best practices and supports innovative edtech companies that improve the Continue reading

Tech Firms Recruiting Promising College Students


Well, it looks like I chose the wrong major. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, starting salaries for computer science grads from top schools range from 75k to 100k. But if select tech recruiting firms have their way, Continue reading

Using Smarterer to Hone and Display Your Skills


Smarterer is a crowdsourced test platform that scores individuals on digital, social and technical skills. It is part of Rethink Educations investment portfolio, and aims to offer users an innovative way to present an online image of their skills and expertise. Continue reading