Chocolapps Creates Interactive E-Books for Kids


Navigating the App Store can be daunting, especially when you’re looking for kid-appropriate, educational apps and games. The space is getting crowded and it can be hard to sort through the noise. We recently checked out apps created by Chocolapps Continue reading

Verbling: Instantly Connecting Language Learners Around the World


I remember my constant frustration when, years into high school Spanish, I was still unable to communicate with native speakers. Sure, my grammar skills looked great on paper, and I aced the vocabulary sections on my exams. I was able Continue reading

MindSnacks Announces $6.5 Million Funding from Sequoia


MindSnacks today announced they’ve raised $6.5 million from Sequoia Capital to continue making educational mobile games. MindSnacks games have over 4 million downloads to date and they will use the new funding to continue to make games for SAT prep Continue reading