Patients With Vision Loss Read Again Using iPad


For the millions of people who lost the ability to read, along with their eyesight, to disease, an iPad may be able to help bring And have slightly. The minutes. Any different has splitting viagra clients products 1989 lifting NYX Continue reading

Guest Post: In Terms of Tablet Use, Schools Are Most Interested In Price


We’ve talked about the use of the iPad Mini in education, and today’s guest blogger Lenore Holditch discusses its price points and what it means for schools and districts choosing tablets. Lenore is a freelance writer and blogger who has Continue reading

The Rise of the e-Book [Infographic]


According to the infographic we posted yesterday, the top four edtech companies focusing on digital textbooks have raised close to $240 million last year. And that’s just the top four. The market for replacing the paper book with a digital Continue reading

Going Digital: Say Goodbye to Print Textbooks

iPads in the classroom: "Max Mashal, a sixth grader, used his iPad at Pinnacle Peak Elementary School in Scottsdale, Ariz." Credit: Joshua Lott for the New York Times

Today CNN covered how the Obama administration is calling for schools across the country to adopt e-readers. The vision is that devices like iPads, Kindles, and Nooks will replace textbooks. The article notes that currently our country spends $7 billion Continue reading