Tweetables: Weekly News That’s Good Enough to Tweet


Haven’t been keeping up with your edtech news lately? Fear not! Technapex presents “Tweetables,” our roundup of the week’s top shareable #edtech articles. Be sure to follow us on Twitter too! @Technapex Peter Thiel Backs Thinkful for Personalized Online Education 20 Continue reading

Taken a MOOC Recently? We Want Your Input!


Calling all Technapex readers…yeah, you! Have you taken a MOOC or a free online course recently from a site such as Coursera, Udacity, edX, Udemy, iTunes U [or perhaps a site not listed here]? Have something to say about it? Continue reading

iTunes U App Version 1.2: Now Any Teacher Can Personalize Content


This week, Apple has updated its iTunes U app so now any teacher can create his or her own private course. iTunes U is an app for both K-12 and higher ed  that acts as a course management system, allowing Continue reading