Minerva Project Wants to Award Excellent Educators


Currently the United States is facing a shortage of educators, but in a field where pay is low and rigid bureaucratic systems can inhibit innovation and creativity, many bright order generic cialis online canada – cialis and vicodin interaction – Continue reading

How Technology Will Impact Higher Ed in 2013

Chris Proulx

Yesterday we linked to Hack Education’s series, which looks back on 2012′s top trends in edtech. Today we decided we’d look forward into 2013, and are sharing Forbes’ “5 Ways Technology Will Impact Higher Ed in 2013” article by Chris Continue reading

The Teaching Channel: Inspiring Classrooms

Education Tech Startups Demoing at pariSoma's EduTech Mixer

The pariSoma EduTech Mixer last night had a great turnout with a handful of education tech startups demoing and pitching their products. Attendees included investors, entrepreneurs, teachers and locals interested in learning more about education tech in general. One company Continue reading