John Wiley & Sons to Acquire, Expand Online Education Services


The privately held Chicago-based company Deltak is set to be purchased by the publishing company John Wiley & Sons Inc. for $220 million. Deltak works with colleges and universities to develop and support online degree and certificate programs. In its Continue reading

Guest Post: Highlighter and 20 Million Minds Foundation Partnership Delivers First, Free Student-Faculty Interactive Textbook


Today’s guest post is by Jennifer Funk, a former teacher who couldn’t leave the classroom behind when she became a freelance writer. Now, she writes about education news, trends and best practices and supports innovative edtech companies that improve the lives Continue reading

Student Debt Growing at $3,000 Per Second


Today Businessweek explored the issue of rising student debt. Though a bit of a depressing read, it’s worth a look. Students are shelling out cash and taking out bigger loans to pay for higher education. Going to college has become Continue reading

Stanford Assigns Vice Provost of Online Learning


This week, Stanford University announced the appointment of John Mitchell to serve as Vice Provost for Online Learning. This signifies the university is getting serious about the Stanford Online initiative to reach more students around the world and to address the transforming Continue reading

Pew Survey Examines Higher Education in 2020


Over 1,000 education experts, researchers, university directors, professors and venture capitalists participated in a Pew Internet & American Life Project survey predicting the state of higher education in 2020. Thirty-nine percent believe that by 2020, higher education will not be Continue reading

Echo360 Secures $31 Million Investment to Bring “Blended Learning” to 30,000 Classrooms


When my family first got TiVo, it changed my life. I remember how powerful it felt as an eleven year-old kid to finally be able to watch shows that came on after my bedtime over and over again– and even Continue reading

Not Just Another Online Class: Harvard and MIT at Your Fingertips


Well, this is impressive. Harvard and the Massachusets Institute of Technology have joined forces and are offering free online courses in a variety of subjects. It’s a nonprofit partnership known as EdX, announced earlier this month. Hearing about upcoming courses Continue reading