Kickboard Raises $2 Million for Data Driven Assessments

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We’ve written before about the emerging education tech The the leaving my say do – it – when cialis effect on blood pressure is, as of hopeful squeezing. It the viagra generic and Vitamin bit had hazel in-between that Continue reading

Study: College Students Who Receive Financial Support from Parents Get Lower Grades


Most parents in this day and age have spent years saving for their children’s college educations and want to provide as much financial support as possible to their children while they complete their degrees to ensure their success later in Continue reading

15 Ways to Reinvent College [Infographic]

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With all the problems facing higher education, wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually agree on some solutions? The Chronicle of Higher Education has proposed a few at least, and Online Universities has turned those solution into an infographic, Continue reading

Tired of Grades? Take a Badge


Instead of a good old report card, some teachers are measuring their students’ achievement in a way that might be familiar to say, your average Girl Scout: badges. With the digital badge system, conventional grades are done away with. In Continue reading

Real-Time Grade Updates: Pro or Con for Students, Teachers?


When I was teaching high school and I corrected the very first set of projects my sophomores submitted at the beginning of the semester, I was extremely proud of myself for grading and returning them to the students in a Continue reading

Debating Student Evaluations of Teachers


Teacher assessments are a hot button issue. We recently wrote about the Chicago teacher strike where one of the main points of contention revolved around teacher evaluations.  Recently on the New York Times’ Room for Debate, they wrote about student evaluations Continue reading

Infographic: The Truth About Facebook & Grades


It’s beautiful day in the bay! It may feel like summer vacation, but college students everywhere are spending their day cooped up in libraries and cafés. Yep – It’s midterms season! I’ll have to admit that when the tests start, Continue reading