Schools Save Money Using Google Chromebooks


Forget iPads — many schools are turning to Google Chromebooks to provide one-to-one computing for students while saving some serious cash in the process. Last week, EdTech Magazine published a feature on the relatively inexpensive and low-maintenance Chromebooks as alternatives to Continue reading

Researchers Track Cultural Change Google Books Word Database

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Google has viagra epocrates viagra wiki converted almost 15 million books into electronic documents — around 15 percent of all the books ever published. Five million of those, or about 500 billion words, have gone online in a searchable Continue reading

Social Media a Factor in College Admissions


Making your Facebook profile private isn’t a sure way to hide your darkest secrets from the public eye anymore. College applicants have learned this the hard way in recent years. As more and more high school students record their lives Continue reading

Study: Teachers Have Mixed Views of Technology in Classroom


Even while teachers acknowledge the opportunities technology has brought to the classroom, they are conflicted about its full effects, according to a study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The conflict is clearly evident in the numbers. Majorities Continue reading

Adoption Rates of New K-12 Learning Styles [Infographic]


A new infographic from a survey conducted among K-12 educators reveals current teaching methods, learning styles and their adoption rates. As U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan calls for a national move to digital textbooks, only about 37 percent of Continue reading

Tomorrow is World Teachers’ Day 2012


What teachers made a difference in your life? A teacher you met in grade school, or perhaps in your later years in college or beyond? Who has influenced your life and showed you the benefits of a strong education? Tomorrow Continue reading

In Today’s Shocking News of the Week, Google’s Tools are Useful


Google announced this week that its Apps for Education suite is now being used by 20 million students, faculty members, and staff around the world, but I’m not convinced that it’s anything more than a clever marketing ploy. While Google Continue reading

Google and Khan Academy Seek Educational YouTube Stars


Google is teaming up with Khan Academy in a new competition to find the “educational YouTube stars” of tomorrow. A post on YouTube’s blog reads: “Do you set historical events to music? Doodle your geometry? Sing your Shakespeare? We’re looking Continue reading

Google Launches Open Source Online Education Software


Google has released a new tool called Course Builder, which is powered by open source software designed to let anyone create online courses. Earlier this year, Google ran a program called Power Searching with Google, a kind of Massive Open Continue reading