Will New Common Core Standards Remove Literature from English Classes?

Photo courtesy of HuffPost Books

The new Common Core State Standards are starting to grind this former English teacher’s gears. Take a second to think about the books you read in high school. Sure, not all of them were memorable. But I’ll bet that for Continue reading

Improving Grammar and Writing Skills with NoRedInk


Recently on Technapex, I’ve been harping on the importance of the humanities in our country’s curriculum and emphasizing the need for the arts in education, preferring the STEAM education acronym to STEM. And all you loyal Technapex followers know that Continue reading

Laptops and Learning: Making a Difference in One Girl’s English Education


I previously worked as an English tutor for a company funded by No Child Left Behind. I held the job on the side and only worked with one student, a girl in San Bernardino County. For the purpose of this Continue reading