Schoola Provides Innovative Boost in Funding to Schools


With ever-deepening cuts to school districts across the country, schools have come to depend on local fundraisers to fill their coffers. The usual suspects — the cookie dough sales and the box top collections — have popped up, but so Continue reading

NEA Explains Why the Education Industry is Ripe for Disruption


New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a global venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs build businesses across many sectors, including education. They’ve invested in companies including Benchprep, Bridge International Academies, Coursera, Desire2Learn, Edmodo, Edupath, Es 6 lockig diese. Da Der Continue reading

The Silicon Bayou: Where Education Innovation is Brewing

4.0 Schools Headquarters in New Orleans

While Silicon Valley is the traditional hub for entrepreneurs to try to make it big and Silicon Alley is building a growing tech scene in New York, there is a new lesser-known center of innovation emerging: the Silicon Bayou. Anya Continue reading

Boundless Learning Raises $8 Million from Venrock


Today PandoDaily reported that Boundless Learning raised an additional $8 million from Venrock. We’re curious to see what they will do with the funding next, as the company aims to shake up the textbook market. It’s no secret that the Continue reading