FarmVille Creator on “Hitting the Next Level”


Zao Yang, co-creator of the wildly popular Facebook game FarmVille, knows a thing or two about how to engage people in a digital space. At a seminar at UCLA yesterday, Yang discussed the creation of the game and how considering Continue reading

The Development of Blended Learning?


The Innosight Institute recently released a paper “Classifying K-12 blended learning” by Heather Staker and Michael B. Horn which provides key definitions related to the concept and identifies four overarching models: The rotation, flex, self-blend, and enriched-virtual models, as the Continue reading

Rethink Education’s Bright Future: Investment Backing Provides Boost


Rethink Education from White Plains, NT is an investment fund devoted to education solutions. Rick Segal is CEO of Seavest Inc, a private investment firm focused on real estate and private equity. Rethink Education caught the man’s eye enough to Continue reading