Georgia Tech Now Offers A Computer Science Master’s Degree Online

Tech Tower at Georgia Tech

Just in time for Technapex’s upcoming MOOC Madness event, Georgia Tech announced on Tuesday that they will offer a master’s degree in computer science that can be earned entirely through online courses. To receive credit for the master’s, you’ll need Continue reading

Guest Post: Best Practices When Learning to Code


Today’s guest post is by Jeremy Keeshin. Jeremy is the co-founder of CodeHS, a site to teach computer science to beginners. He recently graduated from Stanford University studying computer science, where he helped teach beginners there for three years. He Continue reading

Raspberry Pi Co-Founder and Engineer on How He Built a Credit Card-Sized Computer

Raspberry Pi

How does one design a credit card-sized computer, sell over half a million of them to students at $25-35 a pop, all while the foundation behind the project happens to be a non-profit funded solely by donors? You’d have to Continue reading