Top Hat Monocle Partners with Felicis, Adds $1.1M More in Funding

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TechCrunch recently reported that Top Hat Monocle raised an additional $1.1M from Felicis Ventures to add to existing funding. While the edtech company told TechCrunch they didn’t need the money, they explained they have been wanting to partner with Felicis, Continue reading

Students Ask the Questions With CenterClass


Recently Technapex featured a study on the use of clickers in college environments, which revealed that when used properly by professors, clickers can be very effective teaching tools. However, these tools are expensive, and in an economy in which a Continue reading

Study Examines Usage of Clickers in College Environments

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Dr. Angel Hoekstra, a sociology professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder conducted a study over six years to learn about the effectiveness of clickers in the classroom. Clickers present a mechanism for anonymous participation in a classroom and integrate Continue reading

Going Beyond Clickers with Top Hat Monocle


Recent college graduates: remember when you had to buy a clicker for your chemistry class? Or your bio class, or your physics class — any class whose professor you kind of resented for making you shell out $40-60 for those Continue reading