Can Students Record Class Lectures?


How did you take notes in school? Did you scribble them down freehand? Later in college, did you use a laptop to record your notes? What about capturing it with a video camera or an audio recorder? According to some Continue reading

Reddit Teachers Swap Stories about Gadgets in the Classroom


A popular thread on Reddit asked “K-12 Teachers of Reddit: How bad are the cell phone/iPod/iPad/iTouch/mp3 situations in your classroom?” Reddit’s power of anonymity allows people to express views and feelings in a safe environment, often resulting in revelatory truths Continue reading

Bring Your Own Device: Mobile Technology’s Place in the Classroom


Mobile technology might work better when embraced by class teachers instead of outlawed by them. At least that’s the way schools like Avon Lake High School in Ohio see it. In January 2012, ALHS announced what it called BYOD—Bring Your Continue reading