Old-School Skills That Are Still Worth Learning


Here at Technapex we believe that handwriting is important, and today we were sad to learn that Kansas’ State Board of Education is now thinking of eliminating cursive instruction from their state curriculum. After all, cursive writing is not a requirement Continue reading

Who Is Going to Inspire Tutoring’s Possible Two Sigma Results?


Benjamin Bloom wrote a seminal 1984 paper commonly referred to as the “two sigma problem” for the outcome differences between one-on-one tutoring and group instruction, in which he identified the problem of any resource constrained environment: Can researchers and teachers devise Continue reading

EdTech Voices Discuss Early Adoption of Technology


A number of prominent voices on the subject of education technology gathered at an event at the New American Foundation in Washington D.C. today.  “Getting Schooled by a Third-Grader” featured Lisa Guernsey, author of Screen Time: How Electronic Media—From Baby Continue reading