Twenty Colleges Agree to Recruit KIPP Students


This year 20 top universities, including Georgetown, Brown, Duke, Syracuse, and Pennsylvania pledged to recruit more alumni from the charter network Knowledge Is Power Program, or KIPP, which focuses on providing education for underprivileged students in both rural and urban Continue reading

Guest Post: Meritful Aims to Help Students Polish Their Online Images

Screen Shot meritful

Today’s guest post is by Jennifer Funk, a former teacher who couldn’t leave the classroom behind when she became a freelance writer. Now, she writes about education news, trends and best practices and supports innovative edtech companies that improve the Continue reading

A Facebook Connection With the Admissions Office


Social media is useful for stalking people, but high school students have found something even better to stalk: prospective colleges. Two-thirds of the 7,000 high school students interviewed in a recent survey cialis coupon card reported using social media to Continue reading

Michigan Gave Him One More Chance — Would Other Admissions Officials?


Applying to your dream college can either lead to one of the happiest moments in your academic career or to one of the most disappointing.  After the grueling application process, you wait a torturous four to six months until you Continue reading