Collect Yoops, Learn Math


Alleyoop, an online learning tool with social media mechanics, launched last week.  Made specifically for teens, students can visit Alleyoop’s website to start doing learning exercises for free and earn virtual currency called Yoops. Collecting Yoops as you complete challenges Continue reading

Digital Learning Day


Last week, February 1st, marked annual Digital Learning Day where thousands of teachers, administrators, even whole school districts, are encouraged to try using technology or collaborative learning to improve student performance. Need ideas? Third graders in Washington Township, New Jersey Continue reading

Going Digital: Say Goodbye to Print Textbooks

iPads in the classroom: "Max Mashal, a sixth grader, used his iPad at Pinnacle Peak Elementary School in Scottsdale, Ariz." Credit: Joshua Lott for the New York Times

Today CNN covered how the Obama administration is calling for schools across the country to adopt e-readers. The vision is that devices like iPads, Kindles, and Nooks will replace textbooks. The article notes that currently our country spends $7 billion Continue reading

How Video Chat is Globalizing the Classroom


Remember the days of Pen Pals? Students across the world would hand-write letters to each other (yes – with actual pen and paper!) to learn about other cultures and improve their literacy abilities. These letters could take weeks to reach Continue reading

Games and Learning: The Educational Effect


Last year, Game Theory’s Scott Steinberg wrote an excellent article for CNN, highlighting the benefits of video games as educational tools. Games, which include “active teamwork and high-level project management” in co-op play, and “building players’ confidence and helping them see the world from Continue reading

OneSchool Secures $750K Funding, Launches College Management App for Students


College may be the best time of your life, but nobody promised it would be easy. In between studying for your mid-terms in kinesthesiology, electrical engineering, and classic British literature, your mind is going to be pretty well occupied – Continue reading

SXSWedu and Digital Content Galore


SXSWedu is coming soon in early March and will be the second annual conference dedicated to exploring what’s next in education. This year, Digital Content is at the heart of the discussion. With information becoming more easily accessible, digital technology Continue reading

Technapex Takes Shape


We’re finally up and running in our new web home, and couldn’t be more tickled. Technapex is TriplePoint‘s newest blog destination, and it’s all about education technology. We have a ton of stuff in store and hope you’ll join our Continue reading

Tech Trek Camp Boosts Interest in STEM Subjects among Girls

Girls Suiting Up for Surgery at Tech Trek

The U.S. falls embarrassingly behind when it comes to STEM education, which encompasses science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Many students are turned off by the subject of science early on, finding it irrelevant to real world issues, unapproachable and inaccessible. Continue reading