Education Beyond the Information Revolution


While revolutionary inventions affect every aspect of our culture and way of life, their greatest impact is not the individual changes they make in our economies, labor markets, or industries, but rather on the way we think and learn. Perhaps Continue reading

The Benefits of Classroom Blogging


As educators become more interested in integrating technology into their classrooms, more and more teachers are becoming familiar with the benefits of having class blogs. Blogs allow students and teachers to connect from anywhere at anytime. They allow for the Continue reading

Echo360 Secures $31 Million Investment to Bring “Blended Learning” to 30,000 Classrooms


When my family first got TiVo, it changed my life. I remember how powerful it felt as an eleven year-old kid to finally be able to watch shows that came on after my bedtime over and over again– and even Continue reading

Civitas Learning Community Brings Students and Educators Better Data


Higher education is often seen as a time to explore new subjects and interests. But often students still feel that they could benefit from more information when making decisions about their programs of study. In response to this issue, former Continue reading