Play and Learn: Futurecade


Got a thirst for science and high scores? Jay is Games has four new educational games this morning from the London Science Museum, distilling a few new technologies down to their flash-based mini-game essences. The collection is titled Futurecade, and Continue reading

Bookshare: Digital Books for “Frustrated Readers”

iPads in the classroom: "Max Mashal, a sixth grader, used his iPad at Pinnacle Peak Elementary School in Scottsdale, Ariz." Credit: Joshua Lott for the New York Times

The application of digital books to the education system is one of the most popular and sensible uses of the format: between reducing textbook costs for college students and allowing new ways to interact with and take notes upon their Continue reading

Stealth Education through Real-World Gaming


As anybody old enough to have whiled away the hours playing Oregon Trail and Number Munchers on their school’s decrepit Apple IIe computer can tell you, educational games are nothing new. Still, the best-taught lesson is one that a student willingly undertakes, Continue reading

Dark Cloud over Airy Labs

Report Card

Even the best-intentioned company can run afoul of trouble, and the education tech space is not immune. Airy Labs, a startup dedicated to educational games, is run by Andrew Hsu, recipient of a Thiel Fellowship from the “20 Under 20” Continue reading

Education Startups to Watch


If you keep up with certain blogs – like, for instance, this one – you’re well aware that technology and education are coming together on a frequent basis, redefining the learning process by providing new media for both educators and Continue reading

Games and Learning: The Educational Effect


Last year, Game Theory’s Scott Steinberg wrote an excellent article for CNN, highlighting the benefits of video games as educational tools. Games, which include “active teamwork and high-level project management” in co-op play, and “building players’ confidence and helping them see the world from Continue reading

OneSchool Secures $750K Funding, Launches College Management App for Students


College may be the best time of your life, but nobody promised it would be easy. In between studying for your mid-terms in kinesthesiology, electrical engineering, and classic British literature, your mind is going to be pretty well occupied – Continue reading