Technapex is an event series hosted by TriplePoint to explore the ever-changing landscape of education technology.

At Technapex we see how education technology has the power to transform the way we learn, teach, consume, create, and interact with information. Technapex events are for a new generation of learners, teachers, parents, entrepreneurs, and investors. We offer expert commentary through our panelists and moderators and discuss the latest and greatest in education tech for the optimists and innovators who believe in and support the future of education.

Meet the Team

Senior Event Planner Extraordinaire: Caity Doyle

Caity Doyle joined the TriplePoint team in the San Francisco office as an Account Executive in 2012. A former high school English teacher, Caity is extremely passionate about education and works with a number of TriplePoint’s education technology clients. Caity writes about education technology news and trends on Technapex and is the company’s resident Grammar Guru. Previously, Caity built experience both as the head of journalism for her college magazine and as a high school English teacher. Caity enjoys running along the Bay Trail, watching the Giants beat the Dodgers, meeting fellow Italians in North Beach, and listening to the Boss. She holds a BA in English from the University of California at Berkeley.

Contributor: Tristan Kruth

Tristan is an account executive based in San Francisco. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he didn’t choose the tech life — it chose him. On top of a love for gaming and tech cultivated by a childhood in the technological center of the world, Tristan has a soft spot for the classic video games of his youth and thinks everyone on earth should play Heroes 3. He’s particularly interested in video games and education, taking on arguments that don’t make a lot of sense, and non-traditional ways of teaching people things. When not working on campaigns for the entire range of TriplePoint’s broad client expertise, Tristan enjoys cooking, trying to learn to play golf, and supporting the full panoply of his favorite sports teams (most notably the San Jose Sharks). He graduated from Stanford University with a BA in History.

Contact info: http://www.technapex.com/contact/