The Latest MOOC Cheating Trends, K-12 Digital Fluency: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

To Catch a Cheat – The New York Times

  • How has the internet changed student cheating? As education becomes more tech-focused, so do student cheating strategies. Bernard Bull, a professor of educational design and technology at Concordia University explores the most popular student cheating methods employed during the teaching of his MOOC.

Books Are MOOCs, Too – Inside Higher Ed

  • Bernard Fryshman discusses the outstanding similarities between MOOCs and books. He surprises readers with his analysis of how these two vastly different education tools share many common qualities, and shares his thoughts on why books should never be removed from the classroom.

Is the University Lecture Doomed? – MindShift

  • Sean Coughan shares his opinions regarding the lack of efficiency present within a traditional brick and mortar college lecture. He believes that online lecturing featuring only the most informative and entertaining professors should be used for teaching, and that in-person lecturing should have died out ages ago.


Getting young people fluent in digital – The Guardian

  • Sinead Mac Manus sits down with the creators of Fluency, the latest edtech startup aiming to push students beyond their basic “digital literacy” to make them “digitally fluent”. Technology is quickly taking over the most important sectors of our world, and young people need to feel prepared and capable of navigating our dynamic and expansive digital landscape.

Pearson invests in US English language tech firm – Education Investor

  • Pearson has recently announced its investment in English language course provider Voxy. The startup has received money from Rethink Education investment fund as well, and will have its programs offered through Pearson to accompany the edtech giant’s already impressive product line.

Gaming Changes Teaching and Learning – Education Week

  • Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers shares a guest blog post by Peggy Sheehy, a major edtech advocate. Peggy is very excited about the gamification of education, and shares her reasons behind supporting this fun new trend.

Socrative scores $750K Seed Round – EdSurge

  • Socrative, an edtech startup offering a mobile and web-based student feedback solution, has recently raised $750,000 in initial investing. The platform will offer teachers quizzes and games to test students, as well as provide useful information regarding student performance and understanding of recent topics.