MOOCs Help Executives Brush Up on Skills, Automated Grading is Not Ready for Student Writing: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

My Problem With MOOCs – Inside Higher Ed

  • Brent Chesley, a professor who has taught many college-level online courses, shares his thoughts on the educational tactics taken on by both students and teachers in an online environment. He does not believe that MOOCs will have a favorable impact on higher education, and instead hypothesizes that in-person learning will always rule supreme.

Coursera, edX Offer Free Online Courses As Cloud Computing Learning Options Proliferate – Forbes

  • Louis Columbus gives readers an introduction to Coursera and edX, marketing the online courses as “designed for C-level executives and senior managers.” The cheapest and most flexible way to brush up on cloud computing skills, MOOCs from well-respected institutions of higher education such as Harvard and UC Berkeley are a great option for  helping executives with their career growth.

Will shutdown of online education program scare off other colleges? – GigaOM

  • Ki Mae Heussner reports on the recent shutdown of online course provider Ivy Bridge. The unexpected closing of this major online program was caused due to inconsistencies between the course provider and its accreditation service, and is a warning sign for other providers seeking to attach credits to their MOOCs.

Moocs: if we’re not careful so-called ‘open’ courses will close minds – The Guardian

  • Peter Scott outlines his opinions regarding the adoption of the MOOC platform as a higher learning institution. He shares both his excitement and his worries surrounding online learning, and even compares the platform’s influence to that of the long lost e-university.


Tests Linked to Common Core in Critics’ Cross Hairs – Education Week

  • Andrew Ujifusa shares the latest controversy surrounding Common Core implementation. With resistance from some districts, the new standards’ common assessments used to provide insight regarding student knowledge are not

Automated Essay Grading Software Stirs Debate – InformationWeek

  • Michael Fitzgerald discusses edX’s latest automated grading software. Some teachers have tried to use the online tool for essay grading, however, the program has proven itself not ready for the strain of comprehending and grading full student essays.