Controversy Surrounding the Higher Ed Act, How to Keep the Library Cool: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

Prepping for the Future: Modern Education, Old Problems – Wired

  • Jeff Borden, VP of Instruction and Academic Strategy at Pearson, discusses how technology can be used to solve traditional educational issues such as language barriers and lack of personalized instruction. Technology can also help socioeconomic issues, such as MOOCs and other forms of online learning which bring affordable and accessible higher education to those most in need.

Previewing the Higher Ed Act – Inside Higher Ed

  • Doug Lederman shares the latest issues surrounding Congress’ Higher Ed Act. Ranging from the need to streamline all income-based student loan plans to the implementation of a student tracking and reporting process, Lederman provides coverage on all of the most important higher ed issues of the moment.

In higher education, the Great Recession’s unlikely impact: an innovation revolution – The Washington Post

  • Justin Pope dives deep into the MOOC platform as he shares the stories of multiple students from across the globe as they dip their toes into this new online educational resource. Pope also shares the thoughts of Coursera founder Daphne Koller regarding India’s online learning initiative, and points out the benefits and drawbacks of digital instruction.


Keeping Public School Libraries Relevant – Education Week

  • Matthew Lynch reports on the best ways to keep public school libraries up-to-date with edtech trends. He suggests online catalogs and resources, in-person events to get students excited about the research tools available to them, and increased computer capabilities and library email services.

Technology and Education: The Tipping Point? – The Huffington Post

  • John Eger explores technology’s history with education, and gives his thoughts regarding Obama’s future plans to increase classroom connectivity. Egers points out that so far, technology has yet to cause any major educational revolution, and suggests that a slow adoption of edtech practices is the most likely future of K-12 education.

Social media’s impact in schools – My eSchool News

  • Laura Devaney discusses the role social networks play in the K-12 educational system. She shares new statistics regarding how students and educators use social media, and gives specific examples of how online profiles and blogs can boost classroom learning.

Can new corporate structure help education startups overcome industry distrust? – GigaOM

  • Ki Mae Heussner shares how education startups can gain consumer support by not only making a smart product, but by earning “certified B corporation” status as a do-good organization. Many for-profit educational companies face skepticism from schools and educators, but by going the extra mile to back important

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