Online Courses Continue to Disappoint, How NAEP Data Should Be Used: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

Striking It Rich on No-Budget Instructional Videos – Businessweek

  • Caroline Winter talks with Scott Allen, an online computer science educator working through Allen has become a millionaire through his free online course offerings, and discusses how does cialis work for ed similar trends present through MOOCs and Khan Academy.

Udacity’s Lessons Learned – EdSurge

  • Betsy Corcoran provides follow-up on Udacity’s recent missteps with San Jose State University. The online course provider has been receiving dismal student success rates, and CEO Sebastian Thrun feels that it is now time to viagra women share his thoughts with the public.

The MOOC Racket – Slate

  • Jonathan Rees discusses the disappointing results as student data surrounding MOOCs show overwhelmingly low pass rates. He also discusses issues such as loss of employment and lack of personalized education as MOOCs grow in popularity.


Moving Schooling Forward: free cialis sample Next-Gen Grants Possess Promise – Forbes

  • Michael Horn shares the progress of some of the projects funded by the Next Generation Learning Challenges grants. Many of them have moved on to form close relationships with school districts, and are empowering school leaders to implement new innovative technologies.

When Bad Things Happen to Good NAEP Data – Education Week

  • Stephen Sawchuk explores the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ testing system, and shares how while the data the tests provide is unmatched, the implementation of such data is far from perfect. Analysts need to figure out a way to prove cause-and-effect of education technologies in order to better improve teaching techniques.

Pearson Explores Sale of Mergermarket – The Wall Street Journal

  • Simon Zekaria shares important information regarding the current financial status of Pearson, a major education-focused company bringing online services and cialis coupons walgreens educational tools to schools and students worldwide. The company is looking to expand in the digital learning arena, and has been exploring the sale of its financial data subdivision, Mergermarket, to accommodate this shift.

Rosetta Stone Buys Lexia, Sets Sights on K-12 Literacy – EdSurge

  • Rosetta Stone has recently acquired Lexia Learning Systems, a company that offers online English language products to students worldwide. The new ownership will not affect current Lexia users, as the Lexia platform will remain as its own separate department of the Rosetta Stone offerings.