MOOC Professor Denies Students Answer Key, New NEA Digital Learning Policy: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

How Technology Is Changing Academic Research – Wired

  • Ryan Smith of Qualtrics explains his company’s role in making academic research data not only easy to use for professors, but also highly accessible to students and peers for review.

My MOOC Improves My Classroom – The Huffington Post

No Right Answers – Inside Higher Ed

  • Ry Rivard provides insight as he explains why University of Michigan professor Guatam Kaul decided not to share the answers to some of the questions asked on his online course. This case brings the longevity of MOOCs into question and raises new questions about the best methods of instructing students in an online atmosphere.

ClusterFlunk Scores $100K Seed Round - EdSurge

  • This oddly-named (or awesomely-named, depending on your taste) startup, which provides an online platform for college students to collaborate on assignments and exam prep, earned $100K in their first seed round. EdSurge reports.


NEA Digital-Learning Policy Eschews Online-Only Instruction – Education Week

  • Stephen Sawchuk shares the National Education Association’s new policy statement on digital learning. These new outlines embrace the current digital learning movement, yet aim for a happy medium of both traditional and digital education within the classroom.

Eight ways kindergarten holds the key to 21st-century instruction – eSchool News

  • Does college start in kindergarten? Sam Gliksman explains how early learning sets the tone for a student’s educational experience, and how kindergarten reflects our new learning revolution.