Is It Time to Write Off MOOCs?, Pearson Joins Forces With 1776: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

MOOC Students Attracted Most By Course Topics – InformationWeek

  • David Carr describes what makes an enticing MOOC, and the main motivations students have to either finish the course or abandon it mid-session. He shares important stats regarding student ambitions and hopes behind signing up for MOOCs, and interprets these into pointers for educators and providers alike.

MOOCs: the iTunes of academe – The Australian

  • Sean Gallagher and Geoffrey Garrett discuss the similarities between the MOOC platform of online learning and the iTunes online music store. As it turns out, the two services are much more similar than previously considered, with the main difference being the huge revenue gap that leaves MOOCs in the dust.

MOOCs are Toast or at Least Should Be – Forbes

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    Doug Guthrie shares his thoughts on how MOOC failures should be handled. He believes that MOOCs have proven themselves unable of teaching effectively, and should be adapted and treated as a learning resource rather than a standalone educational platform.


Pearson Travels to 1776 to Find Education’s Future – EdSurge

  • Tony Wan shares edtech giant Pearson’s latest partnership with 1776, a tech incubator that invests in new edtech companies at the startup level. Pearson will not be directly investing in these startups, but will help these small companies with in-person business mentoring and sponsorship for 1776 events.

Textbooks Coming to Google Play in August – PC Magazine

  • Chloe Albanesius reports on Google’s recent announcement that it will begin to kamagra jelly wiki provide textbooks via it’s Google Play online store. This new technology will help students by creating more affordable and accessible versions of their required textbooks.

STEM Funding in Danger – But Does Anyone Care? – Education Week

  • Students are no longer interested in STEM fields, but is this due to the difficulty of science and math, or how the lens of technology has made students fear such viagra for women monumental subjects? Matthew Lynch explores this question, and gets to the bottom of the recent drop in STEM students.

How technology has changed our idea of ‘knowledge,’ and what this means for schools – My eSchool News

  • Dennis Pierce discusses how technology has active pack online changed how we think about knowledge, and shares his thoughts on how education can change to accommodate this new standard.