EdX Opens to New Developers, How Common Core Will Boost Tech Spending: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

New Research Grants Offered for Study of Online and Flipped Classroom Learning – T.H.E. Journal

  • Kevin Hudson shares news of the latest Adaptive Learning Research Grant Program’s second phase of funding, which will donate $40,000 to institutions exploring online and flipped classroom teaching styles. The program began by evaluating higher ed institutions, and will now move on to find the most effective teaching methods available.

The Future of Online Education Is on Campus – Inc.

  • Issie Lapowsky discusses the MOOC platform of online learning and how this alternative teaching method can be used to assist traditional college courses. As demonstrated by EdX’s involvement with San Jose State University, MOOCs can be used as a “sort of new age textbook” guiding students through difficult courses. This combined teaching method has been seen to be the most effective, and also leads to MOOC providers grossing the highest profits.

Udacity: Creating A More Engaging MOOC – InformationWeek

  • David Carr reports on Udacity’s latest efforts to create a more immersive and effective MOOC. The company has recently struggled to find student success, and hopes to adapt and bring fresh, stimulating material to its platform.

EdX Opens Its MOOC Platform to Developers for Further Expansion – Business Administration Information

  • Brian Gabriel shares EdX’s recent decision to open up its platform to new developers. The company is looking to expand its reach to those previously unable to receive higher education, and by hiring new developers, this goal of “provid[ing] world-class education to everyone, everywhere, regardless of social status or income” is closer to becoming a reality.


Does research support flipped learning? –  eSchool News

  • Meris Stansbury discusses the various learning methods incorporated into the flipped classroom teaching format. She believes that flipped learning is more efficient way to run a classroom, and shares research that has supported her opinion.

Troy Hicks: A Conversation About Digital Writing – Edutopia

  • Troy Hicks describes the best ways to teach students to write with digital tools. He shares the importance of educating students about how to efficiently use digital writing tools, and talks about the oncoming prevalence of technological writing methods.

Common Core: A Gift to the Tech Industry? – EdSurge

  • With the imminent implementation of the new Common Core State Standards, schools are putting much more funding into education technologies. Larry Cuban’s recent blog post discusses this trend, and signals that Common Core is the new justification for mass edtech spending.