ACE’s Role in Higher Education, Social Media Takes Over the Classroom: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

Engineering an Expansion of the College Pipeline – Huffington Post

  • Molly Corbett Broad, President of the American Council on Education, shares how her organization has and always will be looking to help Americans receive an affordable and worthwhile college education. She takes a closer look at MOOCs, discussing the intricacies of each content provider as well as the platform’s potential to change higher education irreversibly.

How Not to Become Road Kill – Inside Higher Ed

  • Steven Neshyba shares his opinion on how technology will impact higher education. He believes the transition will be much slower than anticipated, and ultimately change the way in which students are taught to process and understand information.


Social media in the classroom: Why and how to use it – Voxxi

  • John Benson explores the growing trend of social media being used for educational purposes. Educators have begun harnessing this unconventional medium in order to share important class resources and increase student-teacher communication.

Khan Academy Trains Teachers to Use Its Videos and Tools – MindShift

  • Katrina Schwartz follows up with readers about her experience at Khan Academy’s in-person workshops to help teachers educate more effectively. She shares the important strategies and activities that were outlined during the workshop, and includes

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    teachers’ opinions on the future of K-12 education.

Grovo Raises $5.5M Series A to Teach Techie Skills – EdSurge

  • Edtech startup Grovo has found $5.5 million in additional funding. The company provides users with various minute-long training videos, helping professionals as well as teachers, students, and administrators become more familiar with the latest and greatest technologies available to them.

A snapshot of Google’s uphill battle getting Android into schools – GigaOM

  • Ki Mae Heussner shares important stats on technology’s use in the K-12 classroom. Apple devices have proven to be the frontrunners within the education world, but Google has big plans to corner the market in the future.

Lead Blended Learning in Three Steps! – Education Week

  • Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers discuss the best strategies teachers can take when implementing a blended learning approach within their classrooms. The duo realize that no tool alone will put teachers ahead of the pack, but that when these powerful online learning services are paired with a creative teacher and a dynamic administration, truly great learning can take place.