The Importance of the Humanities and a Fourth-Grade’s Solar-Powered Classroom: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

Why Study Humanities? What I Tell Engineering Freshman – Scientific American

  • John Horgan makes his argument for the importance of retaining a strong humanities education. Although society may not hold reditabs cialis this field with the same weight as the “hard” sciences, the critical thinking it provokes is invaluable.

Online Accessibility a Faculty Duty – Inside Higher Ed

  • Lauren Ingeno shares how the transition of classes to an online format causes an unforeseen difficulty, as disabled students now find themselves unable to access course material.

Next Generation Learning Spaces Take Off On Campus – EdTech Magazine

It’s too early to write off the lecture – The Guardian

  • Jonathan Wolff provides thoughtful commentary on the effects the internet and online lecturing will have on the traditional education system. He argues that while this new technology will undoubtedly enhance current educational practices, it will not cause major educational change.

How online mapping tools can enhance education – The Next Web

  • Pavel Curda explores how improved online mapping tools can be used to improve education, as teachers will now be able to provide real-time imaging and in-depth virtual tours.

MOOC credit to apply even to students who fail to complete – Times Higher Education

  • Chris Parr profiles Futurelearn Moocs, and the company’s course design which rewards students even if they fail to finish their online classes.


Fourth grade problem-solvers take their classroom ‘off the grid’ – VentureBeat

Data Security Is a Classroom Worry, Too – New York Times

  • Do online classrooms place a priority on keeping your child’s personal information secure? Natasha Singer provides important insight regarding the security of online learning and networking websites.

NYC iZone Launches Blended Learning Institute & Innovation Challenges – Education Week

  • Tom Vander Ark shares the details behind New York iZones newest learning initiatives. The group is creating a two-year certificate program to prepare teachers for the technology of 21st century classrooms, and is also working on a program aimed at testing out new teaching strategies, called Innovation Challenges.

How to Fix Edtech Procurement – EdSurge

  • Matt Bowman comments on the necessity of trial periods regarding edtech products. In order to evaluate the best technology for teachers and students, it is best if companies allow schools to adopt a “try before you buy” approach to these experimental teaching methods.