New Service Provides Validity to Online Degree Programs, How to Quantify the Return on Classroom Tech Investments: Today’s Edtech News

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Ranku Launches Comparison Shopping Site for Legit Online Universities – TechCrunch

  • Josh Constine profiles Ranku, viagra generic a “Yelp for universities,” in which users are able to compare price, average GPA, and average graduate salary of non-profit online universities. This service is aiming to put an end to online degree scams that take students’ money without giving them a quality education, and online cialis seems to be a promising way to improve the validity of online higher education.

5 Reasons International Students Should Consider MOOCs – U.S. News & World Rep

MOOCs: Could professors’ resistance derail online learning? – San Jose can cialis cause heartburn Mercury News

  • Mike Cassidy writes about the recent uproar at San Jose State surrounding the implementation of an online 100mg viagra video for a social justice class offered on campus. This reaction has brought up issues surrounding copyrighting and material ownership.

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How Technology Will Change Entry-Level Higher Education – Wired

  • Ariel Diaz shares how he believes MOOCs and other online learning initiatives will reform introductory college courses. These “101” courses tend to cover a large amount of material and can enroll hundreds of students at viagra at tesco a time; by offering them online, we can streamline introductory higher education.


Parents and Students Want More Online Courses, But Few Teachers Willing to Teach Them – THE Journal

  • Leila Meyer shares a new report from Blackboard and Project Tomorrow that indicates while nearly half of all parents and high school students would like to see further implementation of online courses into classroom curriculum, teachers are not matching this enthusiasm, as less than 20% are on board.

Follett Announces $50M Education Technology Fund – EdSurge

  • Follett Corporation has just received funding to invest in new edtech ideas that will widen the company’s already expansive list of digital educational tools.

Millennials’ Relationship to Technology Mixed, Say Researchers – Education Week

  • Katie Ash delves into the future of K-12 as she explore student teachers’ relationship with over the counter viagra substitute walgreens education technology. The findings give insight into not only the types of devices that will most likely be found in future classrooms, but also provide possible setbacks that may keep new tech out of the hands of students.

Forget ROI, Here’s the 5-Step Tech Investment Plan Districts Should be Using – THE Journal

  • Keith Krueger outlines a reasonable 5-step plan to quantify the ROI on edtech investments. This plan will help educators easily outline the benefits and drawbacks of new technology, and assist them in making the difficult decisions of which digital tools to bring into the classroom.