Let’s Talk Edtech: Today’s Top News

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My Teacher, the Robot – The Huffington Post

  • Dan W. Butin explores the popularity of MOOCs and how this trend may impact the future of higher education.

Online Education Will Be the Next ‘Bubble’ To Pop, Not Traditional University Learning – Forbes

  • John Tammy discusses the true value of a university education. While online learning may prove to be much more cost-effective, it will never replace the doors opened by attending a top-tier university.

Students flock to MOOCs to complement studies – University World News

  • Alya Mishra writes about the popularity of MOOCs in India and how students are using these free online courses to broaden their understanding of subjects that they would normally not get a chance to study while attending higher ed institutions.

Professors take lessons from online teaching – The Boston Globe

  • Marcella Bombardieri profiles MIT professor David Pritchard, who has abandoned his physics research in order to study how people are learning and teaching more effectively.

Open Access to Public MOOCs – American Thinker

  • Gary Jason raises concerns about opposers of MOOCs, particularly courses produced at public universities. He then urges lawmakers to increase the number MOOCs produced at public universities, reasoning that they could be opened to citizens within the state as well as students.