Let’s Talk Edtech: Today’s Top News

Welcome to your Friday edition of “Let’s Talk Edtech!” Each day on Technapex, we’ll be assembling and posting the top edtech news of the week to keep you in the loop of all things education and technology related. Have a tip for us? Shoot it over to editors@technapex.com, and make sure to follow us on Twitter: @Technapex.

Higher Ed News

The Minds Behind the MOOCs [Infographic] - PC Tech Magazine

  • Online College Courses created an infographic on the numbers behind MOOCs, shwoing figures on partnerships, number of students, demographics, participating countries, and more.

EdX Goes Open Source to Woo MOOC Developers – Information Week

  • Michael Fitzgerald reports that nonprofit MOOC developer edX has released its full source code, and speculates that doing so may have been a move to attract developers to work on their platform.

MOOCs: Jumping on the bandwidth – The Guardian

  • Steve Caplan recognizes the impact MOOCs are having on higher education, and addresses major concerns about research and evaluation. “Ignoring the MOOCs revolution would be like burying one’s head in the sand,” he writes. “At the same time, as researchers – and now as educators – it is incumbent upon us to ensure that future students get the best education possible.”


K-12 News

Khan Academy and Other Online Resources Contribute to Walpole Student Success – The Rebellion

  • With the class of 2013 moving on from high school, some seniors are crediting online resources such as Khan Academy and Quizlet with much of their success. Allie Morris explores this trend, and interviews students to understand how they interact with these online resources.

How Kids’ Television Inspires a Lifelong Love of Science - Smithsonian Magazine