Hogwarts, Online Learning, the Common Core, and More: Today’s Edtech News

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Higher Ed

Technology Increasingly Equalizes Education and Career Prospects – Huffington Post

  • John T. Delaney discusses higher education’s shift away from traditional teaching methods as technology and experience-based learning make their way into the classroom.

Data from edX’s first course offer preliminary insights into online learning – MIT News

  • User data surrounding MITx’s first MOOC is out! Jennifer Chu shares the statistics and provides thoughtful analysis of what she believes this information reveals about the future of online education.

Online Courses Have Reached a Turning Point That Should Scare Colleges - Business Insider

  • While MOOCs may be highly criticized, many of them currently serve as cost-effective and accessible options beyond brick and mortar institutions. Max Nisen argues that the quality of online education is set to increase quickly, and that the educational community needs to prepare itself for online integration.


Would You Rather Go to Hogwarts or Hop on the Magic School Bus? – EdSurge

  • Katrina Stevens covers the bustle that was San Francisco’s first Startup Weekend EDU: NextGen Schools. She shares not only details about the winning teams’ ideas, but also the reactions of existing educational faculty toward some of the extreme innovation that took place.

Has Technology Killed Cursive Handwriting? - Mashable

  • Vignesh Ramachandran explores how the rise of laptops, tablets, notetaking apps and more have led to the slow removal of cursive from many schools’ curricula. He notes that the Common Core State Standards have removed the requirement for cursive instruction, and interviews educators and handwriting experts who weigh in on the shift.

Who’s Minding the Schools? - New York Times

  • Andrew Hacker introduces readers to the new Common Core State Standards tests, and shares both the benefits and disadvantages of implementing this new method of assessment.

Silverback Learning Adds $2.5M to Try to Unify the Fractured Education Software Market with Its SaaS Platform – TechCrunch

  • Darrell Etherington reports that due to Silverback Learning’s new funding, the company will be able to add additional partner integrations. Silverback ensures that its technology is the most useful, as software engineers collaborate with a committee of educators to build the most relevant educational platforms.