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 Higher Ed

Technology brings postgrads in from the cold – The Guardian

  • Helena Pozniak shares how portable technology such as smartphones and laptops can be used to maintain the connection between postgraduate students and their home universities.

Boston’s LearnLaunch Unveils First Batch, As EdTech Accelerators Continue To Proliferate – TechCrunch

  • Rip Emerson introduces readers to Boston’s newest EdTech startup LearnLaunchX, and explains the company’s efforts to make the city the “capital of the EdTech movement”.

Online English-learning program Nulu raises $1.75 million as it takes off in Latin America – The Next Web

  • Josh Ong gives readers a peek at Nulu, a successful online language learning program that is becoming increasingly popular within the US and Latin America. Nulu provides students with the environment necessary to facilitate language learning, and helps users attain the ever-coveted fluency they strive for.


Can Digital Games Boost Students’ Test Scores? – MindShift

  • Tina Barseghian shares data surrounding the implementation of digital gaming to supplement learning, and shows that these new teaching games can greatly improve the test scores of students in STEM subjects.

‘Magic school bus’ increases college acceptance – eSchool News

  • This past year, the graduating class of Calvin Coolidge High School set a new record as 100% of them were accepted to college. Melanie Agnew covers this story, and reports on the assistance provided by a mobile learning bus which helped tutor the students and perfect their personal statement essays.

Technology and Ethics – Education Week

  • Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers explore how a blended learning environment could easily facilitate unfair parental “help” on homework assignments. The duo bring up important considerations and cautions to consider when implementing new classroom technology, and implore parents and students to remain ethical during this period of great educational change.

Gaming for grades: News Corp.’s Amplify launches digital games for schools – GigaOM

  • Ki Mae Heussner profiles Amplify, an EdTech startup getting into the gamification of education. Amplify is both a hardware and software producer, and is currently testing it’s STEM and language arts games and tablets in select middle schools before they become widely available in Spring 2014.

‘Flipped’ PD Initiative Boosts Teachers’ Tech Skills – Digital Directions via Education Week

  • Robin L. Flanigan explains how “flipped professional development” programs in which teachers are advised and trained by “technology coaches” improve the use of technology in the classroom and lead to an overall more enriching curriculum.

Teaching Toddlers to Tweet? Introducing Social Media to Elementary Students – Edutopia

  • Beth Holland gives readers the pros and cons of social media integration within the elementary school classroom. She supplements the article with case studies of classrooms experimenting with social media, and even provides links to classroom webcasts/blogs for readers to explore on their own.