Emerging MOOCs, the Future of K-12 Tech: Today’s EdTech News

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Higher Ed

Latin America’s First MOOC – EdSurge

  • Patrícia Gomes covers Veduca, a startup creating MOOCs for Latin America. The company has paired with São Paulo University, and is working on creating it’s first mechanical physics and statistics online courses.

MOOC-Skeptical Provosts – Inside Higher Ed

  • Who should be at the forefront of the online learning trend – already established and well-respected institutions of higher education, or private education technology companies? Ry Rivard discusses universities’ debate over whether or not to partner with external MOOC providers as they focus on releasing online content.

Three Ways MOOCs Will Change Colleges – U.S. News & World Report

  • Danielle Kurtzleben hypothesizes the ways in which further integration of the MOOC platform into higher ed institutions will change the college experience.

IMF to Offer Classes Through Harvard-MIT EdX Online Venture – Businessweek

  • Mary Izlar lets readers in on the International Monetary Fund’s plans to team up with EdX and offer online courses in economics and fiscal responsibility.


What is the future of technology in education? – The Guardian

An Unusual Problem-Solving Technique For Schools – EdSurge

  • Christina Quattrocchi provides in-depth coverage of HACKtivate ED, Education Pioneer Analyst Fellows’ hackathon aimed at solving issues present within Bay Area public schools.

‘Disruptive’ tech for better education – ITWeb

  • Christine Greyvenstein talks to Jaye Richards-Hill, member of the ICT in Education Excellence Group in the Scottish Government, about the future of education. Important to note is the increasing use of social media platforms within the classroom, as well as the inevitable transition toward a multi-screen environment.

Baltimore City Public School students use new math app – ABC News

  • Sherries Johnson highlights the implementation of the new iPad app “Front Row Education” within a Baltimore elementary school. The app not only provides a fun platform in which to practice math problems, but also tailors the educational experience to each student to better facilitate deep comprehension.