National STEM Conference Coming This June

We’re counting down the days until our SXSFedu Technapex edtech mixer and panel on Monday, February 25th where innovators in the industry will be discussing how the digital shift affects classrooms (get tickets here). Our event offers the chance for Bay Area educators, journalists, entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders to get together before SXSWedu in Austin in March. However, if you’re keeping an eye out for other upcoming conferences in the education space, mark your calendars for June 17-18. U.S. News will be hosting STEM Solutions, a national conference to discuss STEM education, policy and the future STEM workforce.

STEM Solutions invites educators, policymakers and business leaders to meet in Austin this summer to discuss issues around STEM education today as well as how to build a strong, competitive workforce for tomorrow. Recently there has been much debate around STEM subjects,–or science, technology, engineering and mathematics–in our country’s schools. High schoolers’ interest in STEM subjects has climbed but then drops off before graduation. Nearly 60 percent of the students who began high school with the goal of pursuing STEM subjects change their minds by the time they graduate. Learn more in our previous post here.

Interested in discussing lack of interest around STEM subjects

as well as broader policy challenges? U.S. News announced the conference tracks for the upcoming 2013 conference, which include:

  • Fixing Higher Education’s Leaky Pipeline
  • The Technology Bonanza: Finding the Right Fit
  • On the Hunt: The Search for Skills and Talent
  • Bridging the Gap: The Pivotal Role of Community Colleges and Career and Technical Education
  • Mission Central: Why K-12 STEM Education Must Change
  • Raising the Bar: The Critical New K-12 Standards
  • An Untapped Resource: Underrepresented Populations
  • Spreading the Word on STEM (Presented by GMMB)

Registration is open now. Visit to get tickets.