Top Hat Monocle Partners with Felicis, Adds $1.1M More in Funding

TechCrunch recently reported that Top Hat Monocle raised an additional $1.1M from Felicis Ventures to add to existing funding. While the edtech company told TechCrunch they didn’t need the money, they explained they have been wanting to partner with Felicis, who has strong experience in education after investing in leading education tech companies like Matchbox, MindSnakcs, Piazza and Inkling. This brings Top Hat Monocle to over $10M total in funding.

Top Hat Monocle turns mobile phones and tablets into teaching tools. Rather than requiring students to purchase a clicker to use in class lectures to submit answers or chime in on a professor’s class survey, they can simply submit answers via mobile devices. It saves students money while also benefitting professors who can better access and analyze response data. Top Hat Monocle has noted

that professors they’ve worked with achieved better results in attendance, information retention, and grades among classes. You can learn more about the company here.